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Removing Dirt, Stains & Odours

The North West's Leading Odour Removal Specialists

Banishing odours for good at Prestige Refresh! Our specialists tackle stubborn smells and underlying causes, including tough stains and dirt, while also eliminating allergens and bacteria. With our certified and trained team, we promise complete odour removal and 100% satisfaction. Book now for a fresher, healthier home!

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Stain & Odour Eliminators

Eliminate Foul Odours With Prestige Refresh

Choose Prestige Refresh for a fresher, odour-free home. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch odour removal services, ensuring your furniture is not just clean but also smells inviting. Every service is customized to address your specific odour concerns.

Experience the Prestige Refresh difference in odour elimination. We deeply purify your upholstery, effectively neutralizing and removing odours at their source, along with any stains and dirt, leaving it smelling fresh and well-cared for. Our odour removal process is thorough and efficient, aimed at restoring the freshness and appeal of your furniture.

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